About this Site

This website was created to serve as a communications tool between participants, trainers, and organizers of the "Opening doors for policy making in Central Asia and South Caucasus" training in policymaking skills scheduled for Istanbul. The training itself is a part of a larger United Nations Democracy Fund /UNDEF/ supported Project "Opening doors for policy making in Central Asia and South Caucasus".

The Project is developed and implemented by

  • the Prague-based Policy Association for an Open Society /PASOS/ in cooperation with two of its members -
  • Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS, based in Riga, Latvia and
  • Institute of Public Affairs ISP, based in Warsaw, Poland.

Other PASOS members will join in the later phases of the project.

Visit PASOS's website to learn more about the project and other activities.

Our Goals

We acknowledge that beyond assumptions little is known about the activities of policy analysis or activities which are called policy analysis and policy advocacy in the countries of interest to us. We also know that there are still not many groups of experts organized in what is known as a policy think tanks or policy centers.

Hence the goal: to gauge the status quo of policy analysis in the two regions. Look into the needs as well as the most appropriate of approaches to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations and researchers, to foster regional networking, and look into the possibilities, often beyond institutions and law, to overcome obstacles to establishing a sustained dialogue with policymakers.


This website has been created with the kind financial assistance of the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) under the auspices of the project “Opening the doors of policy-making: South Caucasus and Central Asia”.

The content of the website is the sole responsibility of program co-ordinator Petr Jan Pajas of PASOS, Linda Austere of PROVIDUS and the team of trainers, and it does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations, the United Nations Democracy Fund or its Advisory Board".