Policy papers
Communicating in the policy process
A general method. Very useful tips before you start to write
A practical guide to writing policy papers and policy briefs
Boston University Policy Paper Guidelines
Structure, Issues, Advice
David Glower What makes a good policy paper? Ten examples
The most common mistakes and shortcomings, advice on how to overcome those!
"Policy Paper"
An exhaustive guide with many examples and external sources from the Wesleyan University
Policy briefs

What is a policy brief and is there a one-right way to write one?


Family reunion in EU by Migration policy group
Policy area: EU policy (good example of a policy brief on international policy issues, policy analysis across a number of countries on a single issue)
Equality and the Right to Education in Slovakia by Amnesty International
Policy area: Education policy, Human rights (another good example of an advocacy-oriented policy brief, by Amnesty International, focused on problematic policy issues in one country)
Engaging Russia by Carnegie Endowment
Policy Area: International Relations A rich and clear brief on a multy-faceted issue involving many things not quite of a common knowledge (hence more explanation required!)
An Ounce of Prevention: Policy Prescriptions to Reduce the Prevalence of Fragile Families, by Brookings Institution by Brookings Institution
Policy Area: Social Policy, Family Policy. (Clear and well written explanation of the status quo, identification of the relevant problems, causes and analysis of the policies already instituted to amend the situation as well as recommendations for future policy makers)
EU Issues, by European Commission, Research and Innovation
A selection of well structured policy briefs on various issues of importance to EU policy makers and citizens of Europe
CAP Germany
Excellent examples of brief policy-oriented discussion papers/policy briefs from the Centre for Applied Policy Research under the auspices of the Unicersity of Munich.
Seminar in Istanbul - readings and presentations


Research Design. Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Method Approaches (excerpt). Sage, 2002.
Writing Effective Policy Papers, OSI, 2002. NB! pp. 19-21 and pp. 42-49
Marias presentations
(1) Introduction to policy research (2) In-depth research methods

Elena and Ashot

Как написать действенный аналитический документ в сфере государственной политики. OSI, 2002.
Weimer, D. L.
Policy Analysis: Concepts and practice (excerpt). Prentice Hall, 1998.
Managing Think Tanks: Practical Guidance for Maturing Organizations (excerpt/intro). LGI/OSI and the Urban Institute, 2002:
Majone, G.
Evidence, Argument and Persuation in Policy Process, Yale University Press, New York, London


Atlas Foundation
Think Thank Primer. Available here
Rainer's presentation June 2, 2011
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Peter's presentation June 4, 2011
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Steering Committee members recommend:

The Policy Process in Mature Democracies, International Forum: “Public Policy in Transition Countries: Process, Mechanisms and Institutions”, Issyk-kul, Kyrgyzstan, 2006.

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