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Open Society Central Asia Project

The Open Society Central Eurasia Project uses grantmaking to international and regional NGOs, academic institutions, think tanks and other structures to support their work, help build local capacity, bring international expertise to bear on the region, and promote cooperation between local activists and international civic movements.

The ultimate goal of such activity is to strengthen civic leaders in the region and to construct support networks for them within international structures and movements. Central Eurasia Project grantmaking generally dovetails with its research and advocacy agenda.

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OSI Ocasional Paper Series - Call for Papers on CA and SA

Since 2010 OSI has issued their call for papers on the topic of Building open society in Central Asia and South Caucasus:

  • The papers are accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed by an expert committee. The topics shall include:
  • Freedom of religion in Central Asia and the South Caucasus: Issues and Implications
  • Understanding Islamic civil society in Central Asia
  • China’s role in Central Asia
  • CASAREM challenges for Central Asia: Transparency, accountability and domestic
  • energy security
  • Public utilities (gas, water, electricity) issues in Central Asia and the South Caucasus
  • The War on Terror in Central Asia: Ramifications for Human Rights, Societies and States
  • Minority rights in Central Asia and the South Caucasus
  • Civil societies role in legal remedies for environmental issues in Central Asia and the
  • South Caucasus
  • Implications of information and communication technologies for democratic governance
  • and practice
  • Cotton monoculture and agricultural reform in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan

More information on the call is available from the webpage of the OSI