Sessions in Russian

In Depth1 - What makes research policy-relevant?

Discussion of:

  • What makes research policy-relevant and
  • What is the important difference between academic research and policy-relevant research. Compare the differences between traditional academic writing and applied real world policy writing.

In Depth 2 - How to guarantee that policy analyst develop ready-for-use and convincing policy recommendations?

This aim of this section is to:

  • Provide an opportunity for participants to develop both convincing and practical policy recommendations and a strong argument for the adoption of their policy recommendations.
  • Discuss how the evidence generated through each stage in the analysis process is directly linked to the structural features of policy papers commonly used in policy communities.
  • By directly linking a staged process of policy analysis to the communication tool used to present the outcomes of the process, participants build in-depth insight into what constitutes a convincing policy-relevant argument.

In Depth 3 - How to structure a policy paper to effectively use it in policy communication?

In this section we will

  • Examine the context in which policy analysis is conducted and policy papers are produced, in order to advance understanding of the nature of policy papers as purposeful communication tools used in the policy-making process.
  • Introduce policy brief as a communication tool and analyze the nature of policy papers as purposeful communication tools used in the policy-making process and reflect upon strategies for increasing the likelihood of achieving desired policy outcome.

In Depth 4 - Policy advocacy

The purpose of this session of the workshop is to build a conceptual framework by defining the concept of advocacy and to analyze the different roles that policy analysts/researchers can choose to play in their campaigning activities and the different policy papers participants can use.

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